Let pain lead the way.

Innovating with a clear pain-point in mind makes it both easier and prevents you from walking into the biggest innovation trap there is.

Let pain lead the way.

By Michell Léon

Most people try to avoid pain. They are often willing to go to great lengths to not having to tap into the feeling of it.

Whether physical or psychological pain, their desire to not feel pain rules their lives.

That's why innovation works best when you solve a painful problem and build a business around it.

Pain is key

It's not necessarily the kind of innovation you like doing the most, but it's the most likely path to successful innovation.

Any entrepreneur out there with a little water under the bridge knows this. Building a business on pain-relief is the surest way to grow fast.

And, since most startups depend on growing fast, it's also the best place to start.

In other words, whatever you bring to market, make sure you lead with pain.

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