Introducing remote group workshops.

Our remote group workshops act as the collaborative intelligence that helps you find new ways forward you didn't think of yourself.

Introducing remote group workshops.
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As a natural continuation of our mission of facilitating personal growth for unique individuals worldwide, we are proud to introduce remote group workshops.

They take place every month, and they are where everything comes together.

Meaning, the free inspiration on the blog, the mini-workshops, the exercises, the webinars, and the mindset programs.

Collaborative intelligence

The remote workshops take advantage of powerful group dynamics to help you find new ways forward you didn't think of yourself.

As a result of the facilitation process, the group acts as the collaborative intelligence that helps you solve whatever problem you are facing.

It's like an enhancement of your mind that allows you to see your obstacles from a different perspective and make more unique decisions.

You don't even have to share any personal details during the process. The group workshops take an abstract approach to the issues, which makes it easy to convert the shared solutions to your individual needs afterward.

Perfect synergy

By combining our on-demand content with the remote group workshops, you get the perfect synergy between your personal reflection and the collaborative process.

In short, the concept is to get the best of two worlds without loosing your freedom and independence, since you can be part of it from wherever you are.

It only takes a solid internet connection and a computer, tablet, or smartphone to participate. However, since we use an interactive visual tool for the workshop, we do recommend a larger screen.

To get access requires a premium membership, but if you want to try it out first, there is a 7-day free trial you can use.

Easy-peasy freedom

As always, there is no catch. You only commit to the period you subscribe to, and you can cancel, downgrade, and upgrade your membership anytime.

Our goal is to help you find your trail, and stay on it. We like it when you stick with us for a while to grow and discover yourself, and then move on. That's our criteria for success.

It's easy-peasy freedom, and it's how we roll. We know from experience that the change is in the journey, so that's what we offer. Nothing more, nothing less.

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