Innovation is about challenging the market.

Although innovation resembles art, it's not, but having an artistic vibe is key to fuel the process.

Innovation is about challenging the market.

When innovating, you must have the spirit of an artist. Just like you need it to be a great designer. The artistic mind is the source all creatives tap into, and innovation is no exception.

However, the difference between innovation and art is that art exists for its own sake, whereas innovation exists for the market's sake.

Innovation has to justify itself on the market by solving a problem. Art doesn't have to justify anything. The fact that it's there is justification enough.

Challenge both ways

It means that when innovating, you can't always do what you want. Had it been a work of art, you would have had no limitations, but that's not the case with innovation.

You depend on understanding the needs of the market in order to innovate. Even if the market doesn't understand its own needs, it's your job to do so and challenge it with your solution.

To put differently, innovation is a challenge that runs both ways. The market challenges you, so you can challenge the market.

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