In tune with nature.

We must change our mindset to get back to nature in a progressive way. It's the path to balance.

In tune with nature.

By Michell Léon

One of the things I have learned along the way is that we belong to nature — not the other way around. We usually think that nature belongs to us, though, and that's where things tend to take a wrong turn.

Even though we have entire systems for our ownership of nature in most parts of the world, we neither own nor command nature. We might think we do, but it's an illusion. Nature cannot be dominated, and it cannot be owned. It's a self guarding entity, and it will correct any misconception if we push it far enough.

In order to move on as humans, it's essential to get back to nature in a progressive way where we see ourselves as part of nature, instead of always trying to be the dominant factor. This requires a change of mindset that teaches us about the ways of nature, and let us solve problems the way nature would.

One of the best tools for it in my experience is this,

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