“I'm the active player in my own life.”

When Karina Hansen found herself at a crossroad in life, she turned to the mindset programs of Mindblaze, and it worked.

“I'm the active player in my own life.”
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“My self-worth and confidence is without doubt the fruit of the mindset program. I'm a much stronger version of myself today,” says Karina Hansen when asked about her experience.

As a specialist in Neuro-Pedagogical and Neuro-Psychological care in Southern Denmark, she found herself at a crossroad in life and needed to find meaning. In particular, joy about being her.

A new version of me

She decided to try the mindset program “Believe In Yourself” over a period of three weeks, and discovered that it transformed her to a new version of herself.

“It challenged me intensely and allowed me to really work with myself. Especially with regard to being honest about whom I wanted to be,” says Karina Hansen.

We create life ourselves

She emphasizes the principle of being the active player in her own life to take it where she wants to go.

“We create and shape the main part of life's framework ourselves. Including what we accept should affect it. I learned that through the program on a deeper level,” she says.

Karina Hansen
A big thanks to Karina for sharing her story!  
— Michell Léon

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