Go deep to get high.

Your mind is a vibrational pattern that moves in waves, which is why depth is key to reaching your higher self and beyond.

Go deep to get high.
Photo by Chase Baker / Unsplash

Have you ever studied how skilled meditators are able to go into a deep state of trance?

When they do, their pulse is reduced to almost nothing, and they can sit in meditation for months; even years.

They can go so deep that they don't need any nourishment for the body except for what they take from the cosmic spectrum with their minds.

Natural cause and effect

It's a fascinating study, and the world is full of stories about unique individuals who return from such meditative practices to discover that several hundred years have passed.

In other words, they have changed the usual influence of time and space on the cells of their bodies by regulating their minds.

The result is a mastery of life we consider superhuman, but in fact it's based on a perfectly natural cause and effect.

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