From worker to creator.

The masses of the world are changing their thinking, and it's nothing less than a revolution of how we work, live, and innovate.

From worker to creator.

There is a revolution taking place in the world right now. Employees are quitting their jobs and moving away from the power cities to setup remote working places.

Their goal is to live more fulfilling lives by having more freedom and independence, or, in short, to be their own bosses.

The pandemic, and the following lock down, has been the natural trigger effect, but the trend has been on its way for years.

Digital nomads paved the way

It began a little over ten years ago, when the digital nomad became a lifestyle approachable by anyone who wanted to travel the world while working on their own terms using nothing but a laptop.

Then it was followed by the booming creator economy, which began on YouTube and moved on to Instagram, before it began diversifying onto new and more independent platforms like Ghost.

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