From Pain To Poetry

Jacquiline Østergaard shares her story about living with invisible pain, and her personal transformation, in her collection of graphical poems.

From Pain To Poetry
Photo by Diego San / Unsplash

Facing life changing situations is hard, and when they are the result of tragic events, it can be even harder.

It's the kind of personal development you didn't ask for, but since there is no way around, you have to accept the situation and make the best of it.

Without wanting to sound too cynical, it happens to be the kind of human stories that are the most interesting.

It's no fun hearing about people who have never faced resistance in life. They don't really have a lot to tell.

Conversely, when someone has had their fair share of hardships, and made it to the other side, that's when we listen.

We simply know instinctively that such a person knows a thing or two about life, and that we can probably learn a lot from it.

Graphical poems

One such person is the artist Jacquiline Østergaard, alias Graphical Poet.

After a serious traffic accident i 2002 she was forced to find a new way in life, and she now shares her story about it for the first time.

It's a collection of graphical poems about living with invisible pain while rebuilding herself to a new life.

Not only is it an amazing artistic endeavor, it's also a source of wisdom we can learn from.

In her poems, Jacquiline Østergaard drills the human psyche with a graphical power tool that makes you lose your breath on every page.

Yet, she also gives us hope with her satirical touch and tells us that there is a way through the pain – a new way.

Get a signed copy

If you have ever wanted to see a collection of art that describes the journey of personal transformation when life comes to a halt, then read From Pain To Poetry.

It's 312 pages of awe-inspiring graphical art, and if you live in Denmark, you can pre-order on the link below and get a signed copy.

You have to be quick, though, because she only signs the first 100 copies of the book.

If you live anywhere else in the world, you have to wait a bit, but don't worry, a solution is being worked on.

Pre-order “From Pain To Poetry” for shipping in Denmark (signed by the artist)

Estimated delivery is September.

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