From Pain To Poetry makes the day.

For artist Jacquiline Østergaard, graphical poetry became key to living with invisible pain. Now, she shares it with the world in her new book, and the reception is amazing.

From Pain To Poetry makes the day.
Photo by Mika Baumeister / Unsplash

Sometimes you just get it right.

That's indeed the case for Danish artist Jacquiline Østergaard, a.k.a. Graphical Poet, with the release of her new book, From Pain To Poetry.

Just take a look at the following testimonial from a happy reader after having received the book.

Affecting lives

It's a great example of how being a unique individual can affect the lives of people across the world.

Stepping into character as a unique individual is hard, but once you do, you find your next-big-thing and change the world.

For Jacquiline Østergaard, it happened through graphical poetry. Not only did it get her through her own process of living with invisible pain.

It now gives people in the same situation a language to express how they actually feel. Something that can be difficult for their surroundings to understand.

Courage and persistence

A huge congrats to Jacquiline Østergaard for the reception of her new book.

It takes a lot of courage and persistence to push yourself forward like that, but she did it, and planted her flag in the market as Graphical Poet.

She is indeed a unique individual and a worthy example of what Mindblaze is all about.

Once you use yourself in alignment with your higher purpose, you start changing the world. It's really as simple as that.

Learn more about Graphical Poet at her website, and if you want to buy From Pain To Poetry, you can do it here.

Jacquiline Østergaard, a.k.a. Graphical Poet.

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