Freedom doesn't come by itself.

We must never forget the basic value of freedom, yet it's so easy when living in the numbness of everyday modern life.

Freedom doesn't come by itself.
Photo by Hanna Zhyhar / Unsplash

One of the truths about humanity is that we tend to forget. It could even be argued that it's our destiny because why would history repeat itself if it wasn't?

For some reason, we have the presumption that what was once fixed doesn't have to be fixed again. Not even maintained. We can just carry on with life as we know it, and everything will be fine.

The value of freedom

It's abundantly clear now that life doesn't work that way. Not only have we lost precious freedom rights during a two year, and highly questionable, pandemic. We are also seeing democratic rights under pressure in Ukraine.

As I am writing this, Ukrainian men aged 18-60 are fighting door to door in Kiev for their right to exist as a democratic nation.

Whatever the backstory of the Russian invasion, the freedom to decide your fate is the most important, and it should be honored as such. This counts for nations as well as for individuals.

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