Fixing the holes in the cheese.

All methods of personal development have their drawbacks, and one size doesn't fit all. We must be aware of how to use them.

Fixing the holes in the cheese.

When developing our selves, we can do it in two fundamental ways: bottom-up or top-down.

According to the laws of the universe, a high frequency can contain a low, but a low cannot contain a high.

It means that it's always our highest frequency that acts as the carrier frequency of the information frequencies in our mind.

Building awareness

During the process of life, our mind constantly modulates our lower information frequencies into the higher.

It happens as sensory perception, emotions, and feelings, which become part of a higher mental frequency – also known as the process of cognition.

By becoming aware of it, we are able to regulate our perception according to a chosen goal and control how we unfold ourselves in life.


This is the bottom-up path of personal development, and it's the one we see in professions such as psycho-therapy and coaching.

It's very thorough and efficient, because it takes its time to do everything right from the beginning.

However, its biggest advantage is also its biggest weakness. Since the lower frequencies of the mind have a bigger wave-length, it takes much longer to create results.

You will be spending a lot of hours in the chair of your therapist or coach.

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