Finding Courage.

A course on designing a workshop that inspires courage in people.

Finding Courage.
Photo by Muzammil Soorma / Unsplash

On this course, we are going to explore how to inspire courage in people through the self-discovery process by designing a workshop for it.

Courage is a difficult emotion to deal with because it's always challenged by fear. The two emotions act as opposites to each other, so where you find courage, you can be sure to find fear – and vice versa.

A tricky task

Therefore, facilitating courage for a group of people is tricky to say the least. Everyone has their own reason to be afraid, and as a result, everyone walks their own path towards courage.

This is where the facilitation of self-discovery differentiates from traditional facilitation, where your job is to help the group find a shared focus. In self-discovery, that's not the goal.

On top of that, you are dealing with some of the most basic and instinctive emotions in the human mind. Limitations of beliefs hard-coded into your psyche as a child. Something you will never be entirely free from.

What you can do, though, is lead them in a new direction whenever they are triggered, and build evidence over time that they don't control you anymore. As such, that's how you reprogram your mind and turn fear into courage.

A delicate process

Essentially, that's the process we are dealing with when facilitating courage, so it's not something you should take lightly. It's a delicate process that requires the utmost respect for people.

Having said that, the group-mind works wonders in the way it supports the participants in the process, and that's the power you tap into as a facilitator.

It's the main reason we focus on facilitation instead of coaching.

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