Find your Quest.

A mini-workshop about finding the right quest in life, and how to pursue it in order to grow.

Find your Quest.
Photo by Mukuko Studio / Unsplash

According to the theory of the archetypes, there are four fundamental quests we all take in life, and in this mini-workshop you are going to find yours.

Whatever your quest is, it regulates your choices and how you use yourself. It also points you in the direction of your primary archetype.

Knowing and understanding your primary archetype is key to being you. It makes it easier making the right decisions and staying true to yourself.

Spearheads the archetypes

The reason is that your primary archetype spearheads your secondary archetype.

It's crucial your secondary archetype isn't the one taking the lead, due to the risk of creating a conflict with your quest.

You see, your primary and secondary archetypes often belong to different quests. Mixing up quests makes you confused and hinders you in reaching your goals.

And, should they belong to the same quest, you still don't want them stepping on each other's toes. You need one of them to take the lead.

Complex beings

This is a key element in understanding the use of the archetypes for your personal growth.

As humans, we are complex beings and to survive this thing called life, we have to master a broad spectrum of emotions, thinking, and actions.

It's only natural to have a variety of behavioral patterns, and your process of mastering them brings different archetypes into play.

To regulate them, you use your quest. It gives you a clear direction and puts your primary archetype at the front of the process. The secondary archetype rallies up behind it to support it with everything it has got.

In a nutshell, that's how personal growth according to the archetypes is done, and it's why it's important to know your quest. If you don't, you are likely to pick the wrong archetype to spearhead the process.

The mini-workshop

In this mini-workshop, we challenge you with a series of questions that help you clarify your quest, and then you get to personalize it in an innovative way.

One thing is knowing the abstract definition of your quest, another to bring your own version of it to life. You need a clear vision of your quest to make it work.

Moreover, the questions help you realize if you are on the wrong quest. It's not uncommon to adopt a quest from your environment in an attempt to fit in.

Needless to say, that's not optimal for being true to yourself, and the questions pressure test your choice for clarification.

In total, the mini-workshop takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. To get access, all you need is a membership of Mindblaze Discovery or higher.

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