Dealing with a double archetype.

You are likely to be more than one archetype, and learning how to handle it for your personal growth can be more complicated than you think.

Dealing with a double archetype.
Photo by Josef Stepanek / Unsplash

During the process of exploring your personality through the framework of the archetypes, it’s natural to discover that you are more than one of them.

The simple reason is that all of us carry a bit of every archetype in us, but usually two of them are more outspoken than the others.

It makes sense seen in the perspective of a person not being just one thing. We are more complex creations than being reduced to a single archetype.

Having said that, it doesn’t make sense either to be all archetypes at once. If you feel that way, you probably don’t know yourself that well.

At least one of the archetypes will be your preferred habitat for your personality, and most likely two of them are in play.

As a result, it can be quite difficult to choose between them, which is why we typically end up choosing both because we identify with what they offer.

That’s totally okay, but it requires a conscious way of using them, since we now have to create a synthesis between two potentially very different personality types.

On the positive side, it can make us more self-aware than ever. On the negative side, it can confuse us and make it harder making clear choices.

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