Customize your life.

It's too easy to simply follow in the footsteps of a tribe. You have to constantly make up your own mind of how you want to apply your values.

Customize your life.
Photo by Daniel Salcius / Unsplash

When striving to be a unique individual, one of the first things you should take a closer look at is how you can customize your life.

The world is ruled by standardization, and although it makes life a lot more convenient, there is a price to pay.

Gradually, and without noticing it, you dilute your own design of life and start living it according to the norms of other people.

Adopting standards

Whatever tribe you are part of, there is a certain set of norms associated with it. Most likely, it's part of the reason you were attracted to the tribe in the first place.

However, people live and communicate in more or less the same way within any tribe, and the more you adopt its lifestyle, the more you lose your own approach to life.

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