Crypto Silence.

What if you could mint silence as a cryptocurrency?

Crypto Silence.

By Graphical Poet

The world is full of noise.
Polluting my mind.
I can’t hear my own thinking.
It blocks my inner voice to come forth.

Silence becomes my getaway to long for.
It takes courage to go inside this quiet field.
Persistence to “un-circle” my thinking.
Dissolve the heavy layers of smog.

Emptiness fills the space.
Creates a sense of solitude.
Feeling whole increases.
Penetrates my being.

Silence is an inside job.
There is no pitfall here.
Only the reward of hearing the crisp sound of life.
A room in time that creates the sound of no sound.

Silence breathes in fresh air.
Relaxing my mind.
A place to hear my deepest calling.
Silence becomes my crypto.

Or, as expressed by this beautiful symbol,

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