Creating space.

Dreaming is key to writing, but make sure you pick the right dream, so your voice can operate effectively under the radar.

Creating space.

Our brain is designed to connect the dots. To find patterns. To create a new kind of wholeness that makes it easier to understand the different parts.

It's that unique ability that makes us smarter than any animal and allows us to invent the most incredible things. It's also that ability that makes us dream up stuff that doesn't exist. Like seeing faces in the clouds for instance.

Dreaming is key

Although that last part is often considered something negative, it's actually the most positive thing when it comes to writing, because without dreaming there is no writing.

Your dreams about yourself is a rich resource to tap into, and even though all of your dreams cannot come alive on paper, some of them definitely can. It all depends on which dream you pick, and how your voice supports it.

Pick the right dream

The thing is that it's your voice that connects the dots of your dream. Your voice is your secret agent operating under the radar of everyday life — but only if you let it.

You have to train it to make your particular dream come true, and it's going to take time and devotion. So make sure you pick the right dream.

Use your incredible brain to choose a dream that makes sense, because it's going to be with you for a long time. Probably for the rest of your life, since writing has a habit of staying with you.

Creating space

In Five Element Writing, we call it creating space. Your voice needs a new space to operate in, and it begins with a dream. Gradually, as the training of your voice progresses, it becomes more and more real.

At a certain point in time, your voice unites with that space. They are now no longer separated, but one. This is what happens to great artists. They become their dream space, because their voice represents it.

The fifth element

Not surprisingly, the whole process is attached to the fifth element: Space.

And, where there is space, there is time. As we know from physics, time and space are interdependent and can never be separated.

Which is why making your dreams come alive takes time, although time isn't the main driver. Your voice is, because only your voice can create the space that your dreams are made of.

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