Coping fatigue?

If you feel life is a constant struggle to be recognized for whom you are, you are probably a unique individual.

Coping fatigue?
Photo by Abbie Bernet / Unsplash

As a unique individual, you want independence, but you tend to feel ashamed about being you, so you compromise to fit in.

Whether introvert or extrovert, you carry a feeling of always having to be pitch-ready to justify your presence – even to family and friends.

The result is coping fatigue, and a constant struggle to be recognized for whom you are. You also miss the cohesion with others, and your contribution to the world is a shadow of what it could be.

However, it all goes away the moment you accept your actual personality, and design your life as an extension of it. You start surrounding yourself with like-minded people, and use your resources proactively.

At Mindblaze, we work hard every day to make the process of growing as a unique individual easier.

You see, we believe our differences are our greatest strengths, and that only unique individuals can challenge conventional thinking and change the world.

So ask yourself, “are you one of us?”

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