Alone, together, is progression.

New, innovative methods of working together are fundamentally changing the dynamics of personal growth.

Alone, together, is progression.
Photo by Anastasia Nelen / Unsplash

Much has been said about the fact that we spend a lot of time alone with our smartphones, even when we are together as a group.

While there is no doubt that the result is socializing less on a physical level, it also opens the door to new ways of interacting and collaborating as a group.

Especially the last couple of years, when the need for using technology to socialize has been more important than ever.

As a result, we are seeing new, innovative methods of working together emerge, and they are fundamentally changing the dynamics of the game. Including personal growth.

Instead of time-consuming, demotivating video meetings, we now get to be interactive in a way that challenges our mind to think in new ways by using different kinds of visual tools.

All of them are based on the alone, together principle, but in a progressive version. Or, to put it simply, meetings have become workshops.

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