Accept the seeker within.

Being a seeker is not something you choose, it's something you are.

Accept the seeker within.
Photo by Matt Sclarandis / Unsplash

When I was young, I always had a feeling of being wrong as a seeker.

In society around me, there was resentment towards those of us searching for a deeper meaning.

The narrative was that we are easy victims of religious sects and other kinds of dogma. As a result, being a seeker was considered a weakness.

Maybe it was just me struggling with a lack of self-worth back then, but it really affected me, and for years I thought I was wrong.

It's who you are

However, being a seeker is not something you choose, it's something you are. You are born with the urge to see what's beyond the horizon. It's part of you.

In that context, there is no difference between that and being gay, for example. Your only option is to accept it and harvest the fruits of it.

And why wouldn't you? Being a seeker allows you to discover things before anyone else and be a pioneer. It lets you see life from a different perspective.

As a consequence, seekers are often the most interesting people to be around because they have tried a lot of things.

They know stuff and understand life with its many aspects because they have lived it, and they have the scar tissue to prove it.

Most importantly, a true seeker would never surrender to a sect or narrow-minded dogma. That's for people looking for a sense of belonging.

A seeker doesn't need that, but rather looks for the next thing to explore. Simply because the only sense of belonging a seeker has is to the process of seeking. Not a place, person, or dogma.

So, even if a seeker experiments with a dogma, it's only for a while, and then he or she would be moving on to something else.

Take your own path

In other words, the assumption that seekers would sell out on their independence is quite simply wrong. It's the last thing they would do.

Being a seeker is to always be in a process of discovery to see what's constant within, wherever you are.

It's important to accept that as a seeker and understand that there is nothing wrong with you.

You just happen to be a highly individual personality, who is taking your own path.

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