Explore yourself through writing.


Mindblaze Academy lets you explore yourself through writing.

Writing is one of the most effective tools for clearing your mind and reflecting upon yourself. On top of that, it documents your process in real-time.

On our writing courses and retreats, you dig deep in how to build the mindset of the seeker, and how to stay on the trail of yourself.

Every quarter, we create a writing course you can do at your own pace.

Twice a year, we do a writing retreat at a place of your personal choice. Yes, yours! You can go anywhere in the world, but your focus is on writing.

It's all designed to give you a maximum degree of personal freedom. Meaning, everything we do is remote and asynchronous.

Bi-annual writing retreat

The retreat takes place over a period of seven days, and it's completely remote and asynchronous. We facilitate the whole process, so all you need is the Internet.

You commit to writing four hours every day and to sharing your process with the others. At the end of the writing retreat, you return to life with deeper clarity.

What you get on Academy,

  • Quarterly writing course.
  • Bi-annual writing retreat.
  • Access to everything else on Mindblaze.

All workshops and other news are announced in the Sunday Newsletter.

There is no catch. You only commit to the period you subscribe to, and you can cancel and downgrade your membership anytime.