Inspiring your self-discovery, wherever you are.



Mindblaze is an independent publisher with a mission to inspire your self-discovery, wherever you are.

We know from experience that self-discovery is hard, but we also know it's necessary as a seeker. Simply because the change is in the journey.

Mindblaze makes the process less hard with inspiring newsletters, books, workshops, and more.

A key value for us is giving you a maximum degree of personal freedom along the way. That's what we believe in, and it's why we matter as a company.

We do it by using remote, asynchronous solutions in everything we do.

Our focus is international, and we primarily operate in English.


Michell Léon Stjernberg

Mindblaze is founded by Danish writer, Michell Léon Stjernberg (b. 1972).

Educated as a journalist (BA) at the Danish School of Journalism in 2000, he worked as a political speechwriter at top government level (the Deputy Prime Minister) before moving on to personal growth and independent publishing.

Along the way he studied facilitation, coaching, transformative learning, the archetypes, and the Enneagram. He also co-authored a book on trauma therapy, had a historical European fencing academy, a Kung-Fu school, was initiated by a spiritual seer in Spain, and lived in India for a while.

He is the author of three books. A memoir about the meeting with his spiritual mentor, a self-help book on non-linear thinking, and a fantasy novel inspired by the Chinese fantasy genre, Wuxia.

As a seeker by nature, he synthesizes whatever he finds on his way into self-discovery, which he believes is a prerequisite for modern life.